teaching tools that ignite creativity, enhance productivity and inspire imagination.

At Teachit Co, we exist to create and inspire memorable early education experiences through our premium quality teaching tools, stationery and resources.

Whether it be custom stamps, personalised stickers or sparkling pens, each of our products are underpinned by the below:


Put party to paper with our
custom stamps.

Hand-assembled with love,
our custom pre-inked stamps are like a
pocket-sized pinata for you to enjoy
with your little ones.

Spark imagination,
say “well done, you extraordinary little human”
or celebrate the “yays” in giant leaps
with quality you can feel.



Tickets to amazement

Sparkly. Metallic. Multi-coloured
and personalised.
Inspire exchanges of joy with your
very own custom stickers.

Because is there a better feeling than
getting your homework back with an extra
special sticker, just for you?

There isn’t. It’s crystalised joy. Fact.


kind words

best sellers

Want exchanges of joy from us at Teachit Co? Oh you!

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