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Highly Suggested

happy with the stamp and the whole process from ordering
really loved it !

Fantastic addition to the collection

This stamp has made giving quick consise feedback to my students so much easier. It is now a well used stamp in my teach it co collection!

Highly recommend

Great quality. Excited to use it. Stamps clearly even though the images are quite intricate!

Highly recommend

Great stamp for self-assessments.
Great quality and durability. Plenty of ink.

Best purchase

I wish I had purchased this sooner! This date stamp saves so much time & is something that is used daily! The quality is great too. I gave one to my colleague and she was stoked. Love mine as well!

Round Stamp Pug
Hannah Geraghty
Super cute

Love it and even my Year 10boys want to earn a puggo

Round Stamp Unicorn
Hannah Geraghty
Love it

The personalisation impressed my students. They now want to collect all the different personalised stamps I have bought

Mini Monster
Hannah Geraghty

Even my high schoolers love this little guy

Incomplete Work
Hannah Geraghty
Excellent quality

A high quality stamp that is a mire positive way to point out to a student they need ti complete the task

Maths Roller Stamps

I love these! My only regret is having just bought two of the three available. Such a quality product, easy to use and fun for students. A simple and effective tool for fast finishers.

In love with the colour and my order

I decided to treat myself to a cup of coffee to use at our school's cafe. I love the colour as it stands out from the crowd. Happy early Mother's Day to me!

Such a great gift for a teacher!

I love giving teacher friends the option to choose their own items. The gift card is the perfect way to let friends know you appreciate them. My friend was thrilled with her card and jumped online instantly to get a new personalised stamp.

It was a hit!

I bought this as a present for a teacher friend of mine who was thrilled with it and Said it would save her loads of time. So easy to change the date on it.


Hope the person who received the stickers enjoyed them as much as I did! Superb quality with engaging designs, the kids love them!


Exactly what I needed, thank you


They are super pretty, work beautifully and make the cutest little promo for my art classes. Highly recommend. 🙂

Round Stamp Bitmoji
Lisa Beehag

The kids love it! The younger kids want to do better work to get the stamp on it.

Value for money!

I was very pleasantly surprised with all the gorgeous goodies in my box. Some things I've wanted for ages and a few bits I would have never thought to use but are now super useful items in my classroom. Can't wait for my next one!

A Great Tool

I bought one for myself and one for a newly married teacher. Having not previously entered the world of personalised stamps, this is such a handy tool for quickly dating and identifying which teacher marked the work. A must for team teaching scenarios.

Specially curated for me!

I just loved getting my box and was really excited to find the game and the merit stamp just for me! I used it straight away.

Metal USB

Love mine! Works well and looks great! I’ve hooked mine onto my lanyard for easy access being a teacher.

Round Stamp Bitmoji
Natalie Copeland

This is my new favourite stamp from Teachit.co! It is so cool and the quality is amazing!

Size isn’t everything

I must admit I was surprised at the size of this package but the amazing goodies inside definitely proves great things come in small packages. There were so many cool things tucked inside even my grand daughter wanted to get her hands on them. (She convinced me to let her have the key ring BTW)
Even she can’t wait for the next one!

Makes me smile

I adore receiving my subscription box, I am always amazed by the goodies inside, so many things I would never think of picking up!


Very happy with the quality, service was excellent, followed up our custom design and adjusted it for the perfect result. Thank you