Label Stamps

Our label stamps are a great way of making sure everything in the classroom and personal belongings are properly labelled for students and teachers. Customisable and designed to last, our label stamps are perfect for anything before they go missing.

If you want to keep your book collection where you can see it, this stamp is a perfect choice. In fact, research has shown you are *90% more likely to get your books back when you use this stamp. *Guesstimation only

Make your books boomerang back with personalisation unique to you. With coloured ink and fancy fonts that old “I thought it was mine” caper won’t hold with you.

You’ll get 10,000 crisp impressions per stamp and can refill the ink when you’re done. Will you choose black, blue, green, pink, purple or red?

Fits comfortably in your hand (modern ergonomic design FTW) for the ultimate stamping experience.

Fast Shipping | 5-7 Day Production Time | Happiness Guaranteed